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2010Integral graphs and (k, τ)-regular setsCarvalho, Maria Paula; Rama, Paula
2010Integral inequalities and their applications to the calculus of variations on time scalesBohner, M.J.; Ferreira, R.A.C.; Torres, D.F.M.
2016Integrated analysis of bacterial and microeukaryotic communities from differentially active mud volcanoes in the Gulf of CadizCoelho, Francisco J. R. C.; Louvado, Antonio; Domingues, Patricia M.; Cleary, Daniel F. R.; Ferreira, Marina; Almeida, Adelaide; Cunha, Marina R.; Cunha, Angela; Gomes, Newton C. M.
10-Oct-2016Integrated approach for automatic crackle detection based on fractal dimension and box filteringPinho, Cátia; Oliveira, Ana; Jácome, Cristina; Rodrigues, João; Marques, Alda
Nov-2010Integrated biomimetic carbon nanotube composites for in vivo systemsSingh, Manoj Kumar; Gracio, Jose; LeDuc, Philip; Gonçalves, Paula P.; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Gonçalves, Gil; Marques, Filipa; Silva, Virgilia S.; Capela e Silva, Fernando; Reis, Joana; Potes, Jose; Sousa, António
2011Integrated Environmental Modeling and Assessment of Coastal Ecosystems: Application for Aquaculture ManagementNobre, A. M.; Bricker, S. B.; Ferreira, J. G.; Yan, X. J.; De, Wit M.; Nunes, J. P.
2007Integrated graphical environment for support nonlinear dynamic software for the analysis of plane framesRodrigues, H.; Romão, X.; Costa, A.; Varum, H.
2004Integrated modeling of road traffic emissions: application to lisbon air quality managementBorrego, C.; Tchepel, O.; Salmim, L.; Amorim, J.; Costa, A.; Janko, J.
2016Integrated reduction and acid-catalysed conversion of furfural in alcohol medium using Zr,Al-containing ordered micro/mesoporous silicatesAntunes, Margarida M.; Lima, Sergio; Neves, Patricia; Magalhaes, Ana L.; Fazio, Enza; Neri, Fortunato; Pereira, Manuel T.; Silva, Andreia F.; Silva, Carlos M.; Rocha, Silvia M.; Pillinger, Martyn; Urakawa, Atsushi; Valente, Anabela A.
2009Integrated user-friendly environment for a 2-D nonlinear analysis programRodrigues, H.; Romão, X.; Costa, A.; Varum, H.
2013Integrated utilization of grape skins from white grape pomacesMendes, Joana A. S.; Xavier, Ana M. R. B.; Evtuguin, Dmitry V.; Lopes, Luisa P. C.
2014Integrating health on air quality assessment — review report on health risks of two major european outdoor air pollutants: PM and NOCosta, Solange; Ferreira, Joana; Silveira, Carlos; Costa, Carla; Lopes, Diogo; Relvas, Hélder; Borrego, Carlos; Roebeling, Peter; Miranda, Ana Isabel; Paulo Teixeira, João
Sep-2011Integrating user studies into computer graphics-related coursesSantos, B.S.; Dias, P.; Silva, S.; Ferreira, C.; Madeira, J.
2007Integrative assessment of organotin contamination in a southern European estuarine system (Ria de Aveiro, NW Portugal): Tracking temporal trends in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the EU banSousa, A.; Matsudaira, C.; Takahashi, S.; Tanabe, S.; Barroso, C.
23-Mar-2017Intelligent tutorial system based on personalized system of instruction to teach or remind mathematical conceptsPaiva, Rui C.; Ferreira, Milton; Frade, M. M.
2016Intenções e desafios do novo currículo do Ensino Secundário Geral na promoção de inter-relações CTS: Um estudo desenvolvido no âmbito do Projeto TimorCapelo, Ana; Cabrita, Isabel
2014Intense Ar31-35 beams produced with a nanostructured CaO target at ISOLDERamos, J. P.; Gottberg, A.; Mendonca, T. M.; Seiffert, C.; Senos, A. M. R.; Fynbo, H. O. U.; Tengblad, O.; Briz, J. A.; Lund, M. V.; Koldste, G. T.; Carmona-Gallardo, M.; Pesudo, V.; Stora, T.
2013Intensity-encoded polymer optical fiber accelerometerAntunes, P. F. C.; Varum, H.; André, P. S.
2016Interações plurilíngues: descrições, dinâmicas e aprendizagensSá, Maria Helena Araújo e; Melo-Pfeifer, Silvia
2015Interaction between bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and trammel nets in the Archipelago de La Maddalena, ItalyPennino, M. Grazia; Rotta, A.; Pierce, Graham J.; Bellido, José M.
showing results 2717 to 2736 of 5989
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