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2017An epidemic model for cholera with optimal control treatmentLemos-Paião, A. P.; Silva, C. J.; Torres, D. F. M.
2015An optimal control approach to Herglotz variational problemsSantos, S. P. S.; Martins, N.; Torres, D. F. M.
2014Approximate controllability of fractional delay dynamic inclusions with nonlocal control conditionsDebbouche, A.; Torres, D. F. M.
2013Approximate controllability of fractional nonlocal delay semilinear systems in Hilbert spacesDebbouche, A.; Torres, D. F. M.
2012Approximation of fractional integrals by means of derivativesPooseh, S.; Almeida, R.; Torres, D. F. M.
2013Bioeconomic perspectives to an optimal control dengue modelRodrigues, H. S.; Monteiro, M. T. T.; Torres, D. F. M.
2015Computing Hadamard type operators of variable fractional orderAlmeida, R.; Torres, D. F. M.
2013Control of a novel chaotic fractional order system using a state feedback techniqueRazminia, A.; Torres, D. F. M.
2012Dengue disease, basic reproduction number and controlRodrigues, H. S.; Monteiro, M. T. T.; Torres, D. F. M.; Zinober, A.
2017Direct and inverse variational problems on time scales: A surveyDryl, M.; Torres, D. F. M.
Jun-2015A discrete method to solve fractional optimal control problemsAlmeida, R.; Torres, D. F. M.
2013Existence of three positive solutions to some p-Laplacian boundary value problemsSidi Ammi, M. R.; Torres, D. F. M.
Feb-2012Expansion formulas in terms of integer-order derivatives for the Hadamard fractional integral and derivativePooseh, S.; Almeida, R.; Torres, D. F. M.
2014Fractional and time-scales differential equationsBaleanu, D.; Bhrawy, A. H.; Torres, D. F. M.; Salahshour, S.
2013Fractional calculus of variations of several independent variablesOdzijewicz, T.; Malinowska, A. B.; Torres, D. F. M.
Feb-2015A fractional calculus on arbitrary time scales: fractional differentiation and fractional integrationBenkhettou, N.; Brito da Cruz, A. M. C.; Torres, D. F. M.
2012Fractional Euler-Lagrange differential equations via Caputo derivativesAlmeida, R.; Malinowska, A. B.; Torres, D. F. M.
2017A fractional Gauss–Jacobi quadrature rule for approximating fractional integrals and derivativesJahanshahi, S.; Babolian, E.; Torres, D. F. M.; Vahidi, A. R.
2017Fractional Herglotz variational principles with generalized Caputo derivativesGarra, R.; Taverna, G. S.; Torres, D. F. M.
2013Fractional isoperimetric noether's theorem in the riemann-liouville senseFrederico, G. S. F.; Torres, D. F. M.
showing results 1 to 20 of 65
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