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19962.2 eV luminescence in GaNHofmann, D. M.; Kovalev, D.; Steude, G.; Volm, D.; Meyer, B. K.; Xavier, C.; Monteiro, T.; Pereira, E.; Mokov, E. N.; Amano, H.; Akasaki, I.
Apr-2000Accumulation of mercury in sea bass from a contaminated lagoon (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)Abreu, S. N.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C.; Duarte, A. C.
2006Accumulation versus remobilization of mercury in sediments of a contaminated lagoonRamalhosa, E.; Pato, P.; Monterroso, P.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C; Duarte, A. C.
1997Broad emission band in GaN epitaxial layers grown on 6H-SiC and sapphireMonteiro, T.; Pereira, E.; Correia, M.R.; Xavier, C.; Hofmann, D.M.; Meyer, B.K.; Fischer, S.; Cremades, A.; Piqueras, J.
1996Cathodoluminescence study of GaN epitaxial layersCremades, A.; Piqueras, J.; Xavier, C.; Monteiro, T.; Pereira, E.; Meyer, B.K.; Hofmann, D.M.; Fischer, S.
2000Comparative study of n-p GaN/SiC heterojunction and p-n 6H-SiC homojunction diodesVacas, J.; Lahrèche, H.; Monteiro, T.; Caspar, C.; Pereira, E.; Brylinski, C.; Di Forte-Poisson, M.A.
1991Complex formation in Mn-doped GaP samplesMonteiro, T.; Pereira, E.
Jan-2001Compositional dependence of the strain-free optical band gap in InxGa1 - xN layersPereira, S.; Correia, M.R.; Monteiro, T.; Pereira, E.; Alves, E.; Sequeira, A.D.; Franco, N.
2009Controlling factors and environmental implications of mercury contamination in urban and agricultural soils under a long-term influence of a chlor-alkali plant in the North-West PortugalCachada, A.; Rodrigues, S. M.; Mieiro, C.; Silva, E. Ferreira da; Pereira, E.; Duarte, A. C.
2010Daily and inter-tidal variations of Fe, Mn and Hg in the water column of a contaminated salt marsh: Halophytes effectLillebo, A. I.; Válega, M.; Otero, M.; Pardal, M. A.; Pereira, E.; Duarte, A. C.
1991Delayed luminescence of the H3 centre in diamondPereira, E.; Monteiro, T.
Jul-2009Different mercury bioaccumulation kinetics by two macrobenthic species: The bivalve Scrobicularia plana and the polychaete Hediste diversicolorCardoso, P. G.; Lillebo, A. I.; Pereira, E.; Duarte, A. C.; Pardal, M. A.
2003Distribution and accumulation of metals (Cu, Cd, Zn and Pb) in sediments of a lagoon on the northwestern coast of PortugalMonterroso, P.; Pato, P.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C.; Duarte, A. C.
1998Distribution of 1.68 eV emission from diamond filmsCorreia, M.R.; Monteiro, T.; Pereira, E.; Costa, L.C.
Jun-2005Distribution of mercury in the upper sediments from a polluted area (Ria de aveiro, Portugal)Ramalhosa, E.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C.; Valega, M.; Duarte, A. C.
2003Effect of organic matter on determination of reactive mercury in contaminated watersRamalhosa, E.; Segade, S. R.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C.; Duarte, A.
1999Electrical and photoelectronic properties of hexagonal GaNSeitz, R.; Gaspar, C.; Monteiro, T.; Pereira, L.; Pereira, E.; Schön, Q.; Heuken, M.
2003Estimation of Cu, Cd and Hg transported by plankton from a contaminated area (Ria de Aveiro)Monterroso, P.; Abreu, S. N.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C.; Duarte, A. C.
2010Fluorescence characterization of daily and intertidal changes in estuarine water DOM related to the presence of Sarcocornia perennis (L.) AJ ScottOtero, M.; Lillebo, A. I.; Santos, P. S. M.; Valega, M.; Pardal, M. A.; Pereira, E.; Duarte, A. C.; Esteves, V. I.; Santos, E. B. H.
2013Glutathione and its dependent enzymes' modulatory responses to toxic metals and metalloids in fish: a reviewSrikanth, K.; Pereira, E.; Duarte, A. C.; Ahmad, I.
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