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20074MORE uplink system level performanceShateri, M.; Monteiro, V.; Rodriguez, J.; Gameiro, A. S.; Legouable, R.; Ibrahim, N.
2007Direct time-domain channel impulse response estimation for OFDM-based systemsRibeiro, C.; Gameiro, A. S.
2005Optical communications research at institute of telecommunicationsRocha, J. F.; Cartaxo, A. T.; Silva, H. J.; Pinto, J. L.; Teixeira, A. L.; Gameiro, A. S.; Monteiro, P. P.; Pires, J. O.; Ribeiro, R. S.; Violas, M. O.; Pinto, A. N.; Lima, M. N.; André, P. S.; Freire, M. M.; Ribeiro, A. L.; Fernandes, C. F.; Pereira, J. T.; Pousa, J. M.; Santos, J. M.; Almeida, M. T.; Tavares, A. R.; Nogueira, R. N.; Machado, J. S.
2007Simulation-based evaluation of spectrum opportunities in UMTS cellular networksPereira, A.; Gameiro, A. S.
2003Vectorial channel estimation for uplink MC-CDMA in beyond 3G wireless systemsMarques, P.; Gameiro, A. S.
showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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