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May-2013An overview of chemosynthetic symbioses in bivalves from the North Atlantic and Mediterranean SeaDuperron, Sebastien; Gaudron, Sylvie Marylene; Rodrigues, Clara Lúcia Ferreira; Cunha, Marina Pais Ribeiro da; Decker, Carole; Olu, Karine
2011Characterization of bacterial symbioses in Myrtea sp.(Bivalvia: Lucinidae) and Thyasira sp. (Bivalvia: Thyasiridae) from a cold seep in the Eastern MediterraneanBrissac, Terry; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Gros, Olivier; Duperron, Sebastien
2010Chemosynthetic bacteria found in bivalve species from mud volcanoes of the Gulf of CadizRodrigues, Clara F.; Webster, Gordon; Cunha, Marina R.; Duperron, Sebastien; Weightman, Andrew J.
19-Feb-2011Distinct symbiont lineages in three thyasirid species (Bivalvia: Thyasiridae) from the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean SeaRodrigues, Clara F.; Duperron, Sebastien
Feb-2015A sad tale: has the small mussel Idas argenteus lost its symbionts?Rodrigues, Clara Lúcia Ferreira; Laming, Sven; Gaudron, Sylvie Marylene; Oliver, Graham; Bris, Nadine Le; Duperron, Sebastien
2013Spinaxinus (Bivalvia: Thyasiroidea) from sulfide biogenerators in the Gulf of Mexico and hydrothermal vents in the Fiji Back Arc: Chemosymbiosis and TaxonomyOliver, Graham; Rodrigues, Clara Lúcia Ferreira; Carney, Robert; Duperron, Sebastien
2013Trophomera conchicola sp. n. (Nematoda: Benthimermithidae) from chemosymbiotic bivalves Idas modiolaeformis and Lucinoma kazani (Mollusca: Mytilidae and Lucinidae) in Eastern MediterraneanHolovachov, Oleksandr; Rodrigues, Clara Lúcia Ferreira; Zbinden, Magali; Duperron, Sebastien
showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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