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2014Beach morphology and shoreline evolution: monitoring and modelling medium-term responses (Portuguese NW coast study site)Baptista, P.; Coelho, C.; Pereira, C.; Bernardes, C.; Veloso-Gomes, F.
2011Erosion and deposition rates in estuaries - the saltpans area of Aveiro Lagoon, PortugalCosta, S.; Oliveira, E.; Coelho, C.; Lopes, M. P.
2011Hydrodynamic and sedimentary characteristics of a small tidal channel in the Ria de AveiroPortela, L. I.; Coelho, C.; Costa, S.; Freire, P.
2011Modelling Coastal Vulnerabilities: Tool for Decision Support System at Inter-municipality LevelAlves, F. L.; Coelho, C.; Coelho, C. D.; Pinto, P.
15-Nov-2010The study of soil, hydrological, erosion and vegetation processes following wildfire in the Colmeal study area, central PortugalKeizer, J.; Nunes, J.; Sande Silva, J.; Gomes Pereira, L.; Vieira, D.; Varela, M.; Prats, S.; Pinheiro, J.; Pereira, V.; Mendes, H.; Malvar, M.; Maia, P.; Ferreira, R.; Faria, S.; Coelho, C.; Albuquerque, A.; Abrantes, N.; Benali, A.; Santos, A.; Magalhães, M.; Ferreira, A.; Fernandes, I.; Cambra, S
2014Urban agriculture in Portugal: availability of potentially toxic elements for plant uptakeCruz, N.; Rodrigues, S. M.; Coelho, C.; Carvalho, L.; Duarte, A. C.; Pereira, E.; Römkens, P. F A M
2011Walls of the saltpans of the Aveiro Lagoon, Portugal: current status and proposed new solutions using geosyntheticsCarlos, D. M.; Pereira, M.; Costa, S.; Pinho-Lopes, M.; Coelho, C.
showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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