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2010A 3GPP open-ID frameworkMarques, R.; Azevedo, R.; Aguiar, R. L.; Zúquete, A.
Jul-2015D3M: multicast listener mobility support mechanisms over distributed mobility anchoring architecturesFigueiredo, S.; Jeon, S.; Gomes, D.; Aguiar, R. L.
2016ElCore: Dynamic elastic resource management and discovery for future large-scale manycore enabled distributed systemsZarrin, J.; Aguiar, R. L.; Barraca, J. P.
2017HARD: Hybrid Adaptive Resource Discovery for Jungle ComputingZarrin, J; Aguiar, R. L.; Barraca, J. P.
2017Manycore simulation for peta-scale system design: Motivation, tools, challenges and prospectsZarrin, J; Aguiar, R. L.; Barraca, J. P.
Sep-2007Mobility Between Heterogeneous Networks: Integration and EvaluationAguiar, R. L.; Santos, Justino; Sénica, Nuno; Sargento, Susana
1-Sep-2016On the application of contextual IoT service discovery in Information Centric NetworksQuevedo, J.; Antunes, M.; Corujo, D.; Gomes, D.; Aguiar, R. L.
2015Privacy in data publishing for tailored recommendation scenariosGonçalves, J. M.; Gomes, Diogo Nuno; Aguiar, R. L.
2006Privacy through Virtual HordingGomes, D.; Aguiar, R. L.
Mar-2016Scalable semantic aware context storageAntunes, M.; Gomes, D.; Aguiar, R. L.
2016Seamless integration of cloud and fog networksCardoso, I. D.; Barraca, J. P.; Goncalves, C.; Aguiar, R. L.
2017A Survey on Cooperative MAC Protocols in IEEE 802.11 Wireless NetworksSadeghi, R.; Barraca, J. P.; Aguiar, R. L.
Jun-2005The polynomial-assisted ad-hoc charging protocolBarraca, J. P.; Sargento, S.; Aguiar, R. L.
19-Feb-2015Toward a telco cloud environment for service functionsSoares, J.; Gonçalves, C.; Parreira, B.; Tavares, P.; Carapinha, J.; Barraca, J. P.; Aguiar, R. L.; Sargento, S.
2018Towards IoT data classification through semantic featuresAntunes, M.; Gomes, Diogo Nuno; Aguiar, R. L.
Jun-2005Usability and evaluation of a deployed 4G network prototypeCuevas Casado, António; Moreno, Jose; Aguiar, R. L.; Serrano, Pablo; Bernardos, Carlos J.; Jähnert, Jürgen; Marques, Victor
showing results 1 to 16 of 16


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